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Make Your Coffee Special With Different Flavorings!

Author: Richard A. Flavell

Everybody knows that coffee may be flavoured by such spices as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and anise. Nowadays people use sugars and flavorings to add taste to coffee. We long to find an ideal coffee aroma along with the mouth-feel and sweet, bitter, salt, and sour taste attributes felt by the tongue. Instant coffee and decaf coffee containS components which can easily stimulate our taste buds. Unfortunately, instant coffee has few aromatic compounds thus haS a decreased flavor (how coffee can help during menopause slim cycle can be found at slim cycle).

There're generally numerous kinds of coffee beans that are grown in different countries of the world. Coffee beans originate from Ethiopia and were taken by merchants to Yeman and Pakistan. There people used to crush and boil the beans in a coffee maker called an ibrik. After coffee beans reached Europe Dutch traders transported them to many areas of Asia, the Carribean and South America. These were English sailors who brought coffee beans to America together with coffee plants. Those beans were known as Aribica as they came from Arabia. But as these beans when grown in various soils of the world they acquired various tastes that are today known as Brazilian coffee, Sumatran coffee, Ethiopian coffee, Haitian coffee, Kenyan coffee, Java coffee, Jamaican coffee, Vietnamese coffe and Argentine coffee. Besides, there're many other unique tastes of coffee.

Different sorts of coffee have different tastes. There're also pourover drip coffee methods, French press made coffee, perculator coffee, espresso machines and many other methods of preparing coffee. You may also influence coffee's taste with many different flavours as well, for instance, by adding a sweetener and/or a dairy product such as milk,cream, half and half, or soymilk. One may also buy flavored creamers made to improve coffee's taste.

The spices are usually added to the roasting process or when the beans are ground either with the intention of hiding the bitterness of the taste of coffee from certain beans or to add more flavour to coffee. The original coffee drinkers add spices when they boil the beans for hours. Then there appears a thick sludge at the bottom of the coffee maker. Such coffee is drunk by straining it through teeth. Cinnamon has always been used to sweeten the coffee taste. You should always consider the amount of cinnamon added to coffee as it may become too sweet or bitter. Cinnamon has a peculiarity to absorb the oils while infusing the flavorful mask of bitterness.

Cloves gives a woody flavor and expressive earthy overtone to coffee offering it extremely pleasant scents. Its scent is similar to the scent coming from a home-baked ham. Still, cardamom is the most popular spice in Saudi Arabian nowadays. Cardamom coffee or gahwa is considered to be the symbol of hospitality. Crushed green coffee beans and green cardamom pod seeds together with saffron or ground cloves are added with a sweetener. After that coffee is boiled for two or three minutes, strained through a filter and served. Anise is also an old spice added to coffee. It has a licorice-like flavor and is used to remove bitterness from coffee.

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